CiNiSMO - Concurrent Network Simulator in Mozart-Oz

CiNiSMO is a network simulator where every node run on its own light-weight thread. This makes the simulator much more realistic, because there is no serialized synchronization of events, and peers behaves as they were in distributed machines running in parallel. Of course, if serialization is needed, it can be achieve with data-flow synchronization.

CiNiSMO has been used for validation tests of the paper on the Relaxed-Ring submitted to IEEE P2P2008 conference, implementing Beernet and Chord. It has also being used for validation tests on the work on PALTA, Peer-to-peer AdaptabLe Topology for Ambient inteligence, submitted to the International Conference of the Chilean Society of Computer Science, 2008. Test where run on the implementation of fully connected network, Beernet and PALTA. The source code and tests can be found on the public SVN repository of Revereendo

Here there are some results obtained with CiNiSMO on the evaluation of the Relaxed-Ring, and its comparison with Chord. Experiments where run using networks from sizes going from 1000 to 10000 nodes. It is not our current goal to give a detailed explanation of the graphs on this site. They are presented to show the magnitude of the experiment we are able to run using CiNiSMO.

Messages exchanged in Beernet on the left. Comparison with Chord at the right.


The following graphs present the amount of branches found in Beernet (left) and the average size of them (right). Experiments where run using different levels of connectivity.