Current Beernet release is version 0.9. The source code and the binaries compiled for Mozart-1.3.2 can be downloaded from the table below. Beernet provides transactional replicated storage, combining key/value-pairs with key/value-sets. The software Pepino and DeTransDraw works with the transition library P2PS/Beernet 3.1.1, where part of the transactional support is already included. CiNiSMO is our programming framework for network simulation with concurrent agents. You can get Mozart from here

  Beernet tgz zip
Source Code beernet-0.9.src.tgz
Compiled for Mozart 1.3.2 beernet-0.9.tgz
Source Code beernet-0.8.src.tgz
Compiled for Mozart 1.3.2 beernet-0.8.tgz
  P2PS/Beernet + PEPINO tgz zip
Source Code P2PS-Beernet 3.1.1 src P2PS-Beernet 3.1.1 src
Compiled for Mozart 1.4.0 P2PS/Beernet 3.1.1 bin P2PS/Beernet 3.1.1 bin
  DeTransDraw tgz zip
Source Code - DeTransDraw src
Compiled for Mozart 1.4.0 - DeTransDraw oz1.4
  CiNiSMO tgz zip
Source Code CiNiSMO v1.2 CiNiSMO v1.2

In case you are interested in checking out the subversion repository, you can find the instructions on GForge/UCLouvain


All software downloadable on this page has been released as Free Software, under the Beerware License.