The TRANSREAL project is a proposal for a Flagship Research Pilot, at a European level, to catalyze a major qualitative advance in the relationship between human beings and the world's computing infrastructure, which we call real-world computing. By real-world computing we mean that the world's computing infrastructure will process complex real-world data to interact with human beings at a human level of sensory input/output and intellectual concepts. Real-world computing will provide full media interchangeability (real-time translation of human languages between textual, audio, and video forms). Real-world computing will extract knowledge from the vast body of raw digital content (text, audio, video) and use it to build creative solutions to problems specified by humans. Real-world computing will provide expert guidance in real time to human activities that require specialized knowledge.

Further Reading

This presentation gives you a short introduction to intelligent systems. On this site, we give a deeper view of our vision on real-world computing, resource amplification through elastic computing (depicted in Figure 1), and the space of machine learning applications. During our visit at FOSDEM, we used this page to introduce the vision of TRANSREAL, and to trigger informal discussion of the ideas to get feedback from the free software and open source community.

Figure 1: Additional resources available because of elasticity